hatching---but one is foaming bubbles? <updated>

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by stefknits, Jun 21, 2008.

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    woohoo!! i've got two little hatchlings and several in progress. one of the hatchlings is fussing like mad. my motherly instincts tell me to get it out and hold it....but i'm trying not to open the incubator until absolutely necessary.

    one chick has its beak a little through the egg, but is covered in fine bubbles--like clear foam. the others don't have anything like it. is this normal? is something wrong with that one?


    <update> it looks like this one has zipped (?) halfway around the egg, but then wasn't able to break the membrane--except in one spot. it hasn't moved in a while and a fear it has died. [​IMG] i can see its beak and no movement. since this is our first hatch, we're not easily able to say "oh, yes--that's a problem, let's intervene." but it seems like this would have been a time to do it--if you're not against it for other reasons. ugh! poor little guy.
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    Sounds like humidity could be a little too high or that one just couldn't take the transfer to air (breathing), which happens on occasion. I would not risk the rest of the hatch for this. I'm sorry if you lost him, but the others could be healthy, vigorous chicks that deserve the chance at life. Hang in there. These decisions are tough, but often need to be made during hatch time. I hope the rest of the hatch goes well for you.

    If the humidity reading is over 75, you could open a plug and cover the hole halfway to keep it under control. When the hygrometer reads 100% or "high", I just pull the plugs all together.

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    If you have tiny bubbles seeping out the peep it is the chick, and it is not good I lost one friday like that. I helped but it was too late.

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