Hatching chicken eggs with duck eggs?


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I have some eggs I wanna put into the bator but have duck eggs coming soon. Could i do a stagger hatch with duck and chicken eggs??? I know they keep around the same temp but need more humidity. can you do it?
Anyone? I need to know ASAP...I know broody chickens hatch duck eggs and I know they dont produce anymore humidity then they would for there own eggs. I just need some advice on this matter with people who have did it or know.
Can you do it : yep.

Will it work well? not bad

chickens need 21 days, ducks 28, muscovie ducks 35 days

if you time it so that they all hatch together, that's better so you raise the humidity on hatch day

hmm: Scenario 1: chickens started, on chicken day 14 duck eggs introduced. day 17 stop turning the chicken eggs, or remove eggs and some racks from turner, raise the humidy for chicken hatch

the ducks eggs should not be damaged by raising the humidity during the hatch for two or three days. mother ducks take a swim daily so the eggs get a soaking (which actually makes the eggs softer and easier to hatch)

just watch that chicks don't get stuck in the auto turner

then raise humidity for duck hatch when the time comes. It should work out fine.

scenario 2: chickens day 7 duck eggs introduced: on chicken day 18 remove all eggs from auto turner, raise the humidity for chicken hatch and later for duck hatch

eggs really only need to be turned for 7 days

ideal would be a second unit for hatching

If the ducks hatch before the chickens, the ducklings will make a mess of everything, likely ruining the chicken hatch

I vote: Do it.
Well i plan on setting the chicken eggs maybe tomorrow? The duck eggs may be here by friday or next monday. So the chicken eggs will be well on there way by then. So this should not effect the duck eggs? I heard the hum for duck eggs for the 1-25 days should be 86 that would be too high for chicken eggs.

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I'll be hand turning a after day 7 to day 25 I'll be misting water on the duck eggs.
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I'm doing it now. But carefully lol....it took a whole lot of planning, but they should all hatch on the same day. I set the duck eggs this past thursday. I have three sets of chicken eggs set be mailed on Monday. I'm hoping they should all arrive by Thursday. Those that arrive early will wait a day or so for the rest, and all chicken eggs will go in on Thursday night, one week after the duck eggs. That SHOULD cause them all to hatch on the same day.

As a side note, I have a second wafer style incubator that on about day 15 for the chickens (day 22 for the ducks) I plan on plugging in and regulating... that way... should I have any early hatchers, I can use that incubator as a hatcher. I would prefer to hatch them all in my forced air bator, but I will do what I must.

would I do this if I didnt have a second incubator? Yup. I'd just hope for the best lol.

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