hatching chickens HELP I HAVE EGG NOW!!!


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I have been researching ducks because thats what i was told i was getting now i have to have a chicken egg and i made an incubator fit for a duck egg but as i said i only have a chicken egg i just need to know some things list below PLEASE HELP

-what temperature does the incubator have to be at?
-when can i candle and how do i candle?
-how long do i incubate for?
-when do i stop turning and how many times do i turn a day?
If you can help that would be great.
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If your incubator is still air, about 101.5 degrees. If it has a fan, 99.5-100 degrees.

If you're new to candling, wait till day seven. Use a bright flashlight (preferably LED), or look on here for posts of homemade candlers. Look for veins in the candled eggs. A post on here from AKBirdBrain (use the search function) shows excellent pics of candled eggs.

Incubate until the eggs hatch, LOL, it's 21 days for chickens

Turn as often as you want, generally at least 4 times a day. Stop turning on day 18. Then raise the humidity, and wait....and don't open the bator in the last few days!
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