Hatching chicks requirements in Texas? Any limits?

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    Hello I'm from Texas, and was wondering if Texas has a limit on how many chicks you can hatch from your house? I get my hatching eggs from NPIP certified farms. Would I still have to be certified in any way for me to sell and hatch chicks if they come from farms that provide the hatching eggs, and are regularly checked by the state, and are NPIP certified?

    I've been in the business of only selling day-old chicks for going on 3 years now. I started to buy chicks from my dads friend that's owns a breeder farm of different varieties of chickens for different hatcheries. I started off buying and reselling 100 chicks, and then took them to the flea market down the road, and they ended up selling in no joke like 10 minutes. It was from that point on that I knew this was the business for me since I used to breed show goats for FFA/4-H.
    I bought my first 2000 egg setter/hatcher 2 years ago to start hatching my own chicks, and since all the trials and errors I was able to get a steady hatchrate of 85%-90%. Last year I bought a 5400 setter and used the 2000 incubator for hatching only, and my sales have been going through the roof. Last year I had to tell people that I could only produce on average 1600 chicks a week, and that they would have to wait since I didn't produce enough. Now this year i increased my egg capacity to 5400 eggs per week, and bought some other stuff that can help during the busy time of the spring.
    I want to check up with the rules and regulations since I'm going to a bigger scale in 1 1/2 months, so I don't get fined for not knowing something.

    I live in the Rio Grande Valley...
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    It looks like if you only sell from your home or premise, or only sell NPIP chicks, then you are exempt. However, since you are hatching them at home and then selling at the flea market, I think you are not exempt, but you may need clarification (since the NPIP exemption is for chicks from a NPIP hatchery, not eggs).

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