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May 17, 2012
Thanks to everyone for posting. This has provided me with invaluable information. I now know today is not day 18 tomorrow is:)
I am a newbie using a LG with automatic turner & fan. I have had so far great temp & humidity consistency, as long as I leave the temp set, not try to micro manage it, keep the room temperature consistent & only add water as needed. I had two temp problems once when I attempted to adjust it &it got too hot & one day a circuit breaker tripped & our electricity was off for a few hrs. At this time I can only hope & see what happens the end of this week. I am going to put eggs to lockdown tomorrow. I will remove turner put the eggs down on soft shelf roll to provide footing, less roll around & mess, increase humidity by using cups & sponges below the wire. I will be able to add water from the vent holes if needed using a straw. I will also remove the eggs that have no dark spots & basically clear with an air pocket. I think there is one with a blood line but still looks clear & has air pocket.
I am attempting to hatch true araucana eggs & hope all is well. Of the nineteen eggs received 9 look viable, though I am concerned about the electricity being off over the weekend.
Well I hope they hatch, as long as the power wasn't off for more than six hours, they'l be ok. If some dont hatch, dont be discouraged, true araucana eggs are really hard to hatch, there is something in that breed that makes embryos die during incubation. But i hope that all goes well with your hatch, and good luck
Thanks you. As far as I can guess electricity was off maybe 4 hrs. Difficult to know for sure as we were not home:( I knew the hatch rate would be low, I purchased 6 & received 19! Does my lockdown procedure sound good?
One chick hatched today
. It was the smallest egg
. Very cute & appears rumpless, but has knocked a few of the other eggs around. Is that okay? I think one more may be starting so will see in the next hour or two took the 1st one only took a few hours to be totally out. When I read other post about hearing peeping I was like how can they hear that with the fan going & all. I was amazed when the peeping started.
Congrats! I think the smallest eggs usually hatch first because I think being smaller they are maybe warmer? does that make sense? I have 6 babies out of their shells now and a couple more rocking! Really happy about that.
Congrats on the chick!
maryhysong: I found with my hens the small eggs hatch on day 18 and the bigger ones on day 21+ I suppose with less chick they need less time to develop?
1 chick yeaterday 2 this morning. 3 chicks so far! & two more pipping!
Five so far hatched
& in brooder. Only one with tufts that are obvious & all appear rumpless. One other egg started pipping yesterday & now has a good crack & hopefully will hatch out soon. When would you consider helping? I had read helping is a no, no so have been patiently

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