Hatching Duck Eggs HELP


Dec 19, 2020
So it's nearly breeding season and this year we want to maximise our duckling quantity, (Cayuga)

We have 3 ducks and 1 Drake
(We do have other Drake's but they aren't with them)
What would be the best possible way of getting as much eggs as possible through the incubator etc? Currently we have an Rcom 20 digital and another 20 egg incubator

We were thinking of purchasing another incubator, would this be worth ir?

We are hoping in years that we can be hatching 200+ ducklings per year

We started last year they're fed top of the range feed and are free range,

They haven't started laying yet but when they do what's the best way to maximise the amount of eggs we get through the Incubator, as they take 28 days to hatch but then again you can't store the eggs too long as they'll go bad, and breeding season doesn't last that long,

Any suggestions would be much appreciated

Thank you

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