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Hatching Duck Eggs in Incubator

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by loganfarms, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. loganfarms

    loganfarms Hatching

    Aug 1, 2011
    I need some advice on hatching duck eggs in an cabinet style incubator. I've got 5 eggs pipped. The 1st one had been pipped over 24 hours and was looking dry around the cracks when I went to bed last night. This morning it had made no progress so I decided to assist. ((Please only kind helpful advice!! I know that "assisting" is not preferred, so please no rude post regarding nature taking its course..etc.)) This same scenario happened last fall with duck eggs and I was hoping this time would be different. So I am really hoping for advice on how to prevent this as well as what to do with the other pipped eggs. Does it take a lot longer for ducks to to hatch after pipping than it does chicks??
    As I flaking the shell away blood started to drip from the egg and the membrane is very bloody. Its navel is a little rough & swollen, but he is still kicking. Last year when this happened all of the ducks survived so I am hopeful, but like I said this is not my preferred hatching method so please make suggestions. Thanks in advance!!

  2. sparkles2307

    sparkles2307 Terd of Hurtles

    It sounds like the humidity isnt high enough, but probably doesnt need to be drastically increased... a slight increase. Also, in my experience hatching more ducks than chickens, they don't take longer. I'm a helper against advice too, but as soon as I see blood I stop and put them back to rest. All I can think is that the humidity just needs to go up a couple of degrees...
  3. Highlander

    Highlander Tartan Terror

    Oct 1, 2008
    In my experience ducks are much slower to hatch than chickens. 48 hours from pip to zip is not uncommon. It's easy to get concerned and jump in, been there done that! The edges of the pip are always going to look dry as it is exposed to the air but it doesn't necessarily mean the rest is too dry. I really do try to walk away and let them do their thing, as hard as it is! Best of luck with the rest of the hatch!
  4. CelticOaksFarm

    CelticOaksFarm Family owned, family run

    Sep 7, 2009
    Florida - Space Coast
    Waterfowl take longer to fully hatch than chickens do.

    Now with that said, humidity once they internally pip the membrane should be raised as high as possible with a goal of getting to 70%. During incubation try to keep it at 30% or there abouts. This will greatly aid the hatching experience.

    When a duck or goose internally pips it can be 24/36 hours before they externally pip. It can be another 24/36 hours before they zip.

    If you feel you MUST help, then you have to work very very slowly. Blood in the vessels has to be absorbed as does the yolk. Both have to happen before the duckling fully hatches. When messing with the shell and or membrane if you see blood, apply light pressure to stop it and return to the bator. Only work for 15-20 at a time before returning to the bator to rest. When you see blood wait atleast 45min to an hour before you try to help again. Remember the time line on how long it can take to hatch on their own, and don't try to speed that time line up.
  5. katie123456

    katie123456 Hatching

    Jun 14, 2012
    im just giving some good advice and not trying to be mean, but you shouldn't help the duck at all out of its egg when they are ready to hatch cause my mom had two ducks and she was tempted so she helped one duck out of its egg and it became retarded seriously retarded it wouldn't eat and whenever it walked it went backwards oh and when you have the egg this is what you should do you should take the egg carefully and run some warm water,but dont blast the water and dip your hand in the water and rub it on the egg this is so the duck has a wet birth so they are not dry because that could probably mess with they're health oh and only do thay like once a week because you dont need to wet them that much and if the egg is hotter more on one side and more cold on the other side turn the egg over so the cold side gets heat o.k.

  6. samiam54241

    samiam54241 Hatching

    Jun 18, 2013
    We are trying to hatch duck eggs and we could hear the duck peeping and the egg moving for 2 days now but nothing else is happening so we would like to know what to do. Sharon
  7. Miss Lydia

    Miss Lydia Loving this country life Premium Member

    Maybe this will help, but again from pip to zip can take as long as 36 hrs. so be very careful if you decide to intervene, you could cause bleeding to death of your ducklings. https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/...days-ago-but-no-external-pip-yet#post_8686492

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