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ok all i need some advice. how long do i leave an duck egg that pipped around 36 hours ago and zipped about half way and stalled before i try and help? i have asked if duck eggs take longer but havent heard as to rather or not this is too long? if its how they usually hatch then i will leave it alone but if not i want to be able to help it. anyone hatch duck egg? is this the norm? thanks
Hi Txmel

Well once a chick/duckling enters rotation then its usually quite fast (within the hour). You must be certain its zipped/rotated before assisting but it'll be ready. Even nat this stage there are active vessels which have to be avoided. try removing small pieces of shell above the zip line where the air cell will be. No vessels there so no risk of bleeding. I would also try using a cotton bud and dip into boiled water that has cooled (dont scald your duckling). It may be the membranes have adhered to the bill or down and a wet cotton bud can assist in freeing the baby. Work slowly and DONT completely free it from the egg only work at removing the top above the zip line so it has to push its way out of the bottom part of the egg.

Good Luck if this has been any help. We'veused the technique 100s of times on a wide range of bird species but no guarantees as you learn with experience

best of luck

thank you for the responses they have helped me make a decision i fear the duckling is stuck in the shell
well i am soo upset both duckling had died they were moving about an hour and ahalf ago i was too late to help them
yolk was aborbed and everything
Im so sorry to hear that

I tried to get the information to you as fast as possible as I thought the duckling would be ready but I hope you've learned from this experience so next time this happens you have some knowledge.

Hi Gofasterstripe. In general the chick internally pips then externally pips anytime within the next 18 hours. However once external pipping occurs the chick establishes pulmonary respiration whilst withdrawing yolk and blood vessels into the abdomen. This usually takes a further 24 -48 hours. However once unzipping/rotation commences it is a relatively fast phase and USUALLY means hatching is imminent and the yolk and blood have been absorbed.


thank you i went ahead and checked the other s that hadnt pipped and found all of the other ducklings had passed as well so not sure what went wrong. 4 had internally pipped all fully formed with yolk absorbed.
Oh thats very sad but try to be positive and learn as Im sure your enthusiasm will make for a sucess in the near future. I cant say why they died as I dont know your incubation techniques but on the information you have given I'd say humidity may have been a problem.

However there are many others on the forum with far more experience of incubating ducks and they may be able to offer some information for sucessful incubation.

I wish you the very best of luck and chin up as we've all been there

thank you not sure what all went wrong. the humidity was 55 for the first 25 days then i bumped it to 75 for lockdown? i guess next time ill have to get it higher at lockdown?

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