Hatching/egg advice


Apr 20, 2020
Saint Charles Missouri
I've hatched maybe 13 turkey eggs so far.. but I never had this problem I don't think the ones I put in the second round are fertile. I have 4 eggs in there they have been in there over 10 days and it just looks like the yolk in there no black spot no veins nothing. Should I replace them? Throw those away? Can I cook them up for my chickens to eat or since they been in incubator should I trash them?
if at day 10 the egg is glowing and no sign of life I would say not fertile
I don’t know about feeding them after being incubated for so long as the eggs start to grow bacteria and rot
Myself I would just throw them away
All the ones that I've hatched always had a black spot and veins within 7 days so I wanted to make sure before I throw them away and replaced. Thank you for the quick reply. And I will throw them away to be safe.
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