Hatching Egg Auction Question Need Answer in an HOUR!!!!!

TK Poultry

10 Years
May 25, 2009
Greencastle, Indiana
i have an auction up and i had one bid but my reserve price wasnt met so what do i do

*do i close and relist
*do i go ahead and sell for the highest bid????

im sooo new to auctions i need answer quick!!!!
Don't cut an auction short over just $5. Let them sell. Next time if you want $10, put a $10 starting bid. If no one bids, then you know that is too high. You kind of just have to feel your way with the pricing on those acutions. Good luck whatever you decide.
i decided to relist because i stated i wont sell unless reserve price is met that is why its there right....so i put it up as a buyitnow and put the price as the eggs and the shipping so maybe ill have more luck

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