Hatching Eggs 12+ Black Austrolorps


9 Years
Jun 22, 2010
Up for sale 12+ Black Austrolorp Hatching Eggs.

These are big beautiful birds, great layers and very friendly.

I will ship the eggs on Monday march 7th and will collect eggs the 3 days leading up to the 7th and if more than 12 are laid I will include them as well.

Please let me know if you have any questions


Good morning,
I bubble wrap each individual egg inside the cardboard carton, then I bubble wrap the entire carton itself. I line the inside of the box with what I call call packing pillows??? Not sure of exact name but they are the packets of plastic that are filled with air(they look like pillows). I line the bottom of the box and the sides with those and set the bubble wrapped carton in the middle I then fill in any left over space with packing peanuts.
Your welcome, let me know if you have any other questions. These are beautiful birds, they are my husbands favorite the dark black that looks green in the sunlight and the bright red combs and wattles makes a beautiful contrast. They are also great layers and very friendly. I have 10 hens in the pen with 2 Roos, we get at least 8 eggs a day in this pen from 10 hens.
one of my roos came from x2farm who is a member on here, he is still fairly young but is growing to be a pretty boy. The majority of my hens I bought from a breeder here in GA who ws getting out of the business of breeding chickens and she contacted me and asked me if I would give them a home becasue she wanted to keep them together as much as possible. They are a very beautiful chicken with a great temperment.

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