Hatching eggs, chicks or pullets wanted Steuben County NY


10 Years
Jun 13, 2009
New York
I am looking for hacthing eggs, chicks, or pullets. I live in Steuben County New York.
I want an assortment. Here is some of what is on my list:
Silkie (I hope to get white ones)

I am not picky between full size or cochins!
If the are hatching eggs my incubator will be empty and ready in a week.

I am open to a few new birds that are not on my list.
We've got 2, 3 week old salmon favorelle males, a 5 week old male Colombian Plymouth Rock, some assorted chicks (mostly mutts), 2 Red Stars both female, and I've got some EE eggs in the incubator. We live near Batavia, let me know if you're interested in any of them.
How much are you asking for one of the Favorelles (male) and the 2 (female) Red Stars? Not looking for males other then a few to breed certian breeds with, such as the Favorelles, Frizzles and Silkies.
Do you have any other breeds or are you just getting started? I'd be willing to work out a trade if you have some of the breeds I've been looking for.
We are just getting started but we have quite the flock already. I have 3 hens that are about a year old, Marcy (EE) Heneritta (EE Bantam) and Lucy (Bantam mixed with??) Then I have an older Salmon Faverolles (Cinnamon, but she is no longer laying, and the only one I have, which is why I am looking for Faverolles) Then we have Buff the only Rooster (Buff Orphington). As far as Chicks I have 40 Mutts, they range in age between 4 weeks to 8 weeks old (we got them from a local lady whose chickens and roosters ran a muck) I then have 6 - 2week leghorns, 4- 2week Rhode Island reds and 4- 2 week barred Rocks. In the incubator I have Australorps, Light Brahmas and Cuckoo Marans. (A full incubator). Not sure what you are looking for I dont have a lot to choose from yet, but I would love to get more! It seems to be addictive!
Well, that sounds like a busy house! Chickens are the most addicting thing I've encountered, with knitting in a very close second. We started in February with just a few, and then I realized you can buy eggs on ebay, and I spiraled out of control from there. I'm willing to negotiate a price, I've never really sold chickens before. I was thinking maybe $20 for all three? Does that sound alright?

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