Hatching eggs for classroom eduction

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    I am newish to BYC. My interest in owning my own chickens came from gathering eggs at my daughters school and the one bad rotten egg. Free range on a farm.

    My daughter has shown pigs at the fair and she became interested. We bought our own day old chicks last year for my backyard.

    We lost most of the chickens at the farm and being on the board has given me a desire to replace the chickens. We thought at the farm might be interesting for the children to incubate eggs in the classroom. Was looking for advise. Where the baby chicks go is not an issue, We could incubate and keep them.

    Any words of advise? Am I being too adventuress? Should we just buy day old.chicks?

    Auggestions welcome.

    Thank you, Cheryl
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    There was a teacher that hatched in the classroom last spring . Her students loved it . Hatching with a good incubator in a controlled environment is not that hard . You must decide what type of incubator you wish to use . How much you are willing to spend will help you to decide which one to get .There are many different types and brands . So research incubators is the first thing you should do. There are lots of incubators reviews on the BYC. You want forced air with a auto turner so you can leave it in the class room for the entire incubation . What you should do is post a question on either the She said He said thread or Incubating and hatching with friends thread. Ask for help in making you Incubator selection. Go to the last post page and post your question . You'll get lots of help and advice Since this will be your first attempt select eggs that are not to expensive . Follow a few basic rules . Constant heat. Low humidity during incubation . High humidity during the last three days and hatch. Set your eggs on a Tuesday or Wednesday . That's it . If a chicken can do it you can . So jump in the water is wet and experience is the best teacher .
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    [​IMG] xs 2 K pretty much laid it out there. [​IMG]

    I think classroom hatching is a great experience for the kids. Our first hatch was done as an oviporous animal study for our homeschool science project and we got hooked!
    Finances are a big determining factor for incubators. I wouldn't suggest any other styro incubator for a classroom hatch other than the Hovabator. The 1588 has a great picture window for classroom hatching. Brinseas are excellent, much more costly.

    If you are not in a high elevation I highly recommend a low humidity incubation method and monitoring air cells for knowing how to control humidity. It's a great lesson on humidity and it's effects on eggs as well. (You can get a better idea what I am talking about from this:http://letsraisechickens.weebly.com...anuals-understanding-and-controlling-humidity

    You are always more than welcome to jump over to the She said/He said anytime and join the convo there or ask anything you need. Usually one of us has experienced something relatable.

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