hatching eggs- how long do I wait?

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    Hi- we had our hatch on Thursday evening and Friday. We had one more egg hatch on saturday afternoon. There is still one egg in the incubator that has no cracks or anything. All of the other chicks are in the brooder- there was not enough room in there for everyone and they were all tripping on the eggs that were there. Out of 8 eggs, we have 6 hatched,lost one and then this one. Today is day 25- how much longer should I let the egg sit? I want to make sure we give it every chance to hatch. I had one response to wait until day 24/25. This has been such a wonderful experience! My kids were fascinated by it and are excited to do it again! also, how do I post pictures with this?

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    How to post pictures/avatar

    That is a pretty decent hatch rate for the first time. With mine, I'd give up and open the egg to see when it quit, so maybe you can learn something for the next hatch. But you can do the float test. Get a pan of water about 100 degrees Fahrenheit and put the egg in it. Let it settle down. If you see it jerking and moving like something might be alive in it, put it back in the incubator. If it does not move after a few minutes, give up.
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    Most likely it won't hatch, but it is best to at the very least candle the egg and see if there is movement. To do it at this time can risk shrink wrapping. However if you steam up the bathroom, move the bator in there and pull the egg, candle and put right back you have better luck of keeping the humidity up.

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