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  1. Aphillips

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    Feb 28, 2017
    Hey! My school district, Camas, is looking for some hatching eggs. The Kindergarteners across the district have a science unit where they put eggs in an incubator and hatch them, then take care of them for a month or two. After that, typically a child takes home the ones that hatch to add to their flock. Do you know of anyone selling or would you sell any hatching eggs to the district? They are looking to buy for about $5 a dozen, but could probably be negotiated. They need about 25 dozen eggs, but are happy to get some from multiple different sellers. I am not the one who is setting it up, I am just helping the secretary out since I am a BYC'er myself. :)
  2. FBCMarans

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    Feb 27, 2017
    White Salmon WA
    I live near white salmon, WA it would be a hours drive for you.
    I have Marans that lay chocolate eggs

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