Hatching Eggs various breeds some Rare - see below for pricing

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    For sale: Rhode Island Red Bantam Hatching eggs 1 dozen plus extras. I have top quality Rhode Island Red bantams in both SC & RC. These are competitive at any level. Your choice SC, RC or both. $25 per doz shipping included.

    White LaFleche bantam hatching eggs. These sported out of pure Blacks several years ago, so some Blacks might come out from time to time. These are $25 per doz. including shipping. Limited number available - very rare!

    Kentucky Speck hatching eggs. $30 per doz. postpaid. Extremely rare and very productive line. One of the largest breeding flocks in the US - great genetic variability for such a rare breed!

    Standard Buckeye hatching eggs - $30 per doz postpaid. VERY nice strain, great color and production, producing winners all over.

    Will take Paypal or moneyorder. Ask about discounts on multiple dozens. Pick up welcome.

    For more pictures go to www.shadylanepoultry.com
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    I would like White LaFleche bantam hatching eggs. PM with the payment information
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    I would like to know more history about your Kentucky Specks! Do you have pics of them you could send? if you wish to contact me please send to [email protected] Thanks, Lynn in Okla.

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