hatching eggs with a hen

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by ICE_Lilly, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. ICE_Lilly

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    Aug 19, 2008
    Monadnock Region, NH
    We're new to this, and so far haven't had any luck. We didn't have a good system of marking eggs and keeping track of time at first, but we did sort of start to figure things out. It's been about 23 days since we marked a set of 14 eggs for the hen to sit on and we still don't have any chicks. When I went to check them this morning one egg was cracked open and stunk bad. I removed it and checked it out and there was a lot of mushy yellow in it, and a fairly formed chick inside. Where's it's been over 3 weeks should I assume that all of them are rotten and not going to hatch? We don't have a way to check them to see progress.

    Should we toss all of the rest and try to start over or just let her keep sitting on them? I don't know at what point to give up and remove them all. Any advice would be very helpful. I can't wait until I have this procedure down correctly and we get some baby chicks!!
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    Go out at dark with a bright flashlight and candle them. If you see movement let her sit a little longer.
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    yup if u candle u will know for sure then make ur decision based on what u see good luck
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    I have never hatched eggs, myself. I just wantedt to tell you good luck! [​IMG]

    Also - [​IMG]
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    If chicks are fully formed and about to hatch, you may not see anything but a solid dark egg, except the air cell. I'd wipe off the eggs if they're icky, see if any stink. Get rid of any stinkers, they're dead. If they're near hatching you may hear a peep or a peck if you hold them to your ear and listen. Or not....

    I had one egg hatch from an order of shipped eggs, it hatched a full 2 days late. The night before it hatched, I candled, didn't see any movement. I listened, didn't hear a thing. I was sure it was dead, but I left it in the bator anyway. The next day, I saw the broken shell, thought the egg had exploded, then saw the little chick! He/she (don't know yet) is fine, healthy, and living in a closed pen with 2 adult chickens, waiting to get big enough to run outside with everybody else.
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    Aug 19, 2008
    Monadnock Region, NH
    Another random question about this hen. Yesterday when I went to check there was another egg cracked open and it was stinky, but nothing was in it. I think she's pecking at them and eating them. Is that weird or does she just know that they're not going to hatch. Is it bad for her since they're so old? I don't know if I should just remove them all and just wait a bit before trying again. Thanks!

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