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Jan 7, 2016
Hi there. I'm new to the chicken world and currently have four eggs in an incubator (three didn't make it early on). We're on day 22 now and two of the chicks have pipped the eggs 8 to 13 hours ago. One of the chicks has been chirping and moving a bit and the other chick hasn't moved at all in the last 8 hours. The two eggs that haven't pipped yet have also been silent and completely still for the past 8 hours. All four eggs were quite squirmy just yesterday and had been that way for two days. The sudden stillness is making me anxious. Is it normal for chicks that are close to hatching to become very still for an extended period of time? Thanks so much for any information and insight provided!
You will see quite a bit of variation. Some are quite active and others are very still and suddenly hatch. Day 22 is still not time to hit the panic button yet. Generally my eggs take 18-24 to hatch from the time of external pip. The others that have not done anything yet may still be absorbing yolk and blood. You can try to find a video on YouTube of chicks chirping. Play it next to the Bator. That sometimes helps the chicks to get motivated to finish. By day 24 you may be at a point of opening them (eggtopsy). But candle them first.
Thank you very much. That's comforting to hear. Our little guy that was vocal and squirmy hatched this evening.
And one of the others broke through the shell as well. So we now have one who pipped roughly 18 to 23 hours ago and has been silent since, one who pipped about 7 hours ago and one who hasn't pipped externally yet. Tomorrow will be day 23. This is all so exciting!
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Our hatchling is doing great! Happy and healthy and so adorable. The other egg that pipped at the same time (I'm thinking roughly somewhere between 29 and 34 hours ago) is working on hatching. He broke through the membrane and the shell and every now and then I can hear chirping and see him moving. I can also see him breathing inside the egg. Do you think it's ok to leave him alone at this point? The third egg that pipped yesterday is still and silent, so I'm assuming he's resting up for his grand entrance. And the fourth egg is still pip-free and not moving or making any noise. We're on day 24, but I'm not giving up hope yet. Thank you for you expertise and advice, by the way. I really appreciate it.
Yes I would wait and give it time. After this hatch you may want to calibrate your thermometer. If you are hatching late it is a sign that your temp was low. The egg that is silent and pipped and the other silent and not pipped you can put up to your ear and see if you hear and "clicking". After the hatch is over do an eggtopsy to see what went wrong on the others. No one like to do it but it will help on next hatches.
The chick just hatched!!! Whoop whoop. He appears to be stuck to the inside of the shell by his umbilical cord? Is that ok? Should I leave him alone or do something?

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