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    May 17, 2014
    Okay so, I have be a chicken owner for a while now and have tired to hatch some eggs but didn't do so well. But on the other hand a few days ago one of my Golden Comet Hens went broody, she started with 2 eggs and one of my other hens would lay their eggs in the same nesting box, well we stopped her with 4 eggs. Today I went to check the chickens I had fed the older chicks I had bought a while back, then the adult chickens. I did not expect to have the chicks until the 8th of August, but i looked down to see two little feather balls looking up from under their mom at me. I really didn't know what i should do, I mean i have bought 6 chicks before but I knew what do with them since they had no mother. But the thing is now that they have their mother, what should i do. I mean would it be better to but them in a space by them selves, where none of the other hens or the rooster can get to them? But she here's the catch only 2 of the eggs has hatched today, and the others had not been under her as long as they have, if I move them all would it mess the hen up sitting on the eggs? I can put them in a goat cage, since i also have goats, we first but my chickens in when i first got them while i was working on the new coop, so would that work? Any tips that ya'll can give me would be very helpful.

    Thanks Norman Farms
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    I let one of my hens hatch eggs in the coop and left her in there all went well for me with clarissa looking after her chicks and not letting the others get to them only I was aloud to go near them! The other eggs may or may not hatch but as they went under her at different times there is a chance they will still hatch so leave them where they are for a week or so to make sure. in future I would advise to put all the eggs u wish to hatch under her at the same time but a hen will stay sitting on the eggs until she has given up on them hatching
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