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    May 8, 2008
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    Okay ,my bator is empty, for the exception of two lonely eggs. A Jersey Giant egg and a cochin. Last night the JG pipped, we had assumed it was a goner already cause the other 7 were bad. So as we got ready to throw it out, we saw the pip. It has been a pip since 7pm last night. It seems to be struggling and is not making the hole any bigger. My temp is 100 and humd. is 71. All should be good. I felt that maybe the shell maybe a little tough around the edges since it had been so long since it had pipped.

    So I pulled a couple tiny pieces off that was about to fall off anyway to expose the lining of the shell. Still nothing, that was this morning. So this afternoon it is still in there, and the whole is a little bit bigger but under the lining of the shell inside the egg you can see blood. I went ahead and wrapped a wet papertowel around the egg so it would maybe soften it a little bit more. I hope that helped! [​IMG] But I just checked it again and still nothing, you can see the chick in the shell with its beak gasping for air chirping, but the egg has never rocked or anything. If it hadn't been for the sm pip it would have been in the trash, we thought they were done. With no hope JG's this time.

    The cochin eggs I recieved in the same shipment, the 1 egg is the only possibility out of 12, I had bad luck with this shipment...ya think? Anyway the bator was stinking so we took the remaining eggs out and candled them for the last time, and that one is the only one with a chick in it. You can see the beak moving around.

    THIS IS DAY 22 FOR THESE EGGS. I'm starting to wonder how long it will be before these two hatch. Should I crack the egg for the other chick or what? help help? [​IMG]

  2. erijn5

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    May 8, 2008
    South Central IL
    Bump, still nothing not cracking, nothing [​IMG]

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    I would recommend not helping the chicks out.
    I know it's hard but considering the bad luck you had with all the eggs, I'd say they aren't going to be the most healthy of babies.

    I had one pip and not hatch out for two days. I sprayed his egg with a water bottle to keep the membrane moist and kept my hands off of it.
    He made it - finally - and is still thriving, a month later.
    Good luck to you and your babies.

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