Hatching failure - PLEASE HELP!

Where the eggs fresh or shipped?

Many eggs often fail to hatch. It could be fertility issues with the rooster. Fertile but unviable eggs do to rooster/hen mating incompatability.

It would be temperature issues. Humidity issues.

Too many reasons to list.

Of the 41 eggs did only the 6 develop or did some begin developing and then stop?
only 6 developed. they were local eggs from a friend. he has 1 rooster to 6 hens
only 6 developed. they were local eggs from a friend.he has 1 rooster to 6 hens
They were most likely not fertile or not viable. How old were the oldest of the eggs?

Roosters often go through a infertile period in winter with shortened days and less sunlight.
they were all 1 day old, they come from different breeds. could it be the turner? ive had people tell me not to use it, but i dont know why
thanks for your help. best of luck. you seem like a very nice person. my son thanks you to.

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