Hatching first week of January

Woo Hoo!!!Sadly I am not allowed to hatch during the winter
What are you hatching? How many?
I lock down tomorrow.

I have 7 eggs that are looking great- golden laced wyandottes shipped to me from Hot2Pot. The air cells are a little goofy, so I'm a little scared of how this will go.
I have 4 BBS Americaunas for Rockingpaints
6 BBS Orpingtons
7 Wheaton Marans both from bargain (Nancy at Garry Farms)
8 of my own.

I started with 42 but a few of mine were not fertile and the rest shipped a long distance so I'm really pleased.
I just need to stop checking on them (as much).

Good luck to everyone and keep us posted.


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