Hatching from an Incubator! My first time, Please Help!


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May 7, 2012
I am so nervous. I have never posted on a forum so i am very sorry if this is the wrong place for this. I am SO NERVOUS and feel like i have no idea what i am doing! I am hating my first batch of eggs from a still air Styrofoam incubator. The dates of my eggs start from 4/27 to 4/29 from the day they were laid. I have removed all bad eggs throughout the process and turned them twice a day. I have no way of measuring my humidity level so i have just made sure to keep a small Tupperware bowl with a sponge wet in it. I stopped turning the eggs for 4 days prior to the hatch date which should have been Friday for the 27th eggs if i am right. However, the first egg to hatch is from the 29th! So far only 4 eggs have began to pip and now one has fully hatched and is moving around now. I think i am going to lose my other eggs. The first problem i see is the other 3 have piped at the smaller end of the egg. I have read this is a serious problem and they may not be able to get out. Another one looks like it piped and then began to bleed and doesn't seem to be moving. I also have not removed the lid throughout the last 4 days. Please help. I do not know what i should do and it is taking EVERYTHING i have not to open the lid and help them.

P.S- I forgot, i have managed to keep my temp at 99.5 degrees from day one with no adjustments. Do i need to lower my temp now that they have begun to hatch?
Please click on the tab "learning center" and then read under 'hatching and incubating chicken eggs'. You will find everything you need to know. I would wait at least 2-3 more days before doing anything. The chicks that hatch can be removed form the incubator when they are dry and active, about 8-12 hours after hatch.
I know this is a hard process for these little babies and it can take a lot for them to get out. I do know it is WAY to early to try and help. I am going to check them in the morning. By then my brooder will be ready and i can start working the hatching chicks over as they dry. The pip at the small end is what worries me the most. I can see them moving and see that the membrane is not dry. Keeping my fingers crossed.
I will keep an eye on that one. It is not bleed a large amount but the membrane is definitely exposed and bloody (at the small end). I can see part of the chick and its beak and it does not seem to be moving. I am thinking the air pocket with my eggs somehow did not form properly causing them to not have enough space to properly move around.
It should be getting air from the Pip. When they Pip on the wrong end if they get their bottem half into the airsac it gives them more room to move. Just keep an eye on that one it might not be ready.
I will update this tomorrow morning. I need to go to bed or i will be up all night worried to death about them. lol. Hopefully everything will work.

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