Hatching gooses???


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Jul 17, 2007
I have, what I think is a male Brown chinese.
I have, what I think are two female tufted romans.

I "don't think" any of them get close enough to do what needs to be done, to make fertile eggs.

Somebody is laying eggs, not sure who it is yet?

I was thinking about ordering some brown chinese eggs for who ever is laying, can hatch them?
Can goose eggs be hatched in a regular styrafoam incubator?
Can my ducks hatch goose eggs?
Ducks can hatch them.

I wouldn't set the eggs under a goose unless she has laid eggs before and actually sat on them.

Yes they can be hatched in an incubator, but it brings down the hatch rate of them.
Chinese are the best layers of all the geese. You could easily get 30 out of each one. My biggest issue with breeding geese is getting the right gander with teh right goose. They seem to choose their mates and flocks outside of breed lines!

And if you've ever been awake at 2 am because the geese are screaming because you separated them, then you'll realize how hard it can be!

I hatch duck, chicken and goose eggs in my Sportsman 1502.
Thank you !!
Now you have me thinking...

I have only had the tufted romans for a few weeks, so I don't know if they have ever set a nest.

I hope my brown chinese realizes that, he.she.it, is a goose!!!!
I have been woke up at 2am because my brown chinese could not find the baby ducks it claimed as it's own, the day I brought it home.
When I had to get rid of those ducks, I put it with an adult female duck. When she moved off to hang out with her own kind, the screaming started all over again!!!

Things have been quiet with the tufted romans around, but the brown chinese seems to be off on it's own, not part of the flock.

I am hoping if I can get some brown chinese babies, everybody will be happy and quiet!!
(No, I am not expecting complete silence)

I have a friend with a sportsman, can he hatch goose eggs with chicken eggs?

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