Hatching Grocery store eggs attempt


That actually looks like it may be a white leg bar mix? Comb and crest? I wish I could get some of those eggs here!:)
Yes, and my thought on the Speckled Legbar in their Breed list may be a 2-3 generation Cream Legbar mix. The Cream photos I have seen are VERY Speckled...and Barring is visible also. Maybe the Staff would answer Qns? Their short web vids all look Like the Cinnamon Queen types - Brown/Red egg-producing blends. I'd love some of those - we get Happy Eggs in Oregon too - but maybe not as fresh, being 3,000 miles from the farm. I'll probably stay local, tho it is very tempting to have pro layer mixes as my next flock additions. I LOVE having daily layers in my current group.

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