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May 29, 2012
Hey everybody,

I'm pretty new to this forum and I'm also new to raising chickens, this is my first post, and I'm sorry if I ask some easy-to-answer questions. It's my first incubation and I'm very worried, cuz today is day 21.

I don't know when this happened(maybe 3 days ago?), but one of my eggs has a small hole on the side facing the bottom of the incubator. There's also a small pool of dried/cracked blood(I think) sitting at the bottom of the incubator, and some redness around the small hole. I don't know whether if this egg died or not, and I can't check because I heard you're not supposed to open the incubator after day 18.

Another chick pipped yesterday and was peeping, and eventually zipped almost halfway around the egg. But now there's no sign of life or even peeping. I'm also concerned because this egg is right next to the previous one.

If anybody has any idea why this is happening, I'd love to know what I've done wrong,

- fluffydown
is the hole at the big end, small end or middle of egg? chicks rest a lot sometimes if I really want to make sure a chick is ok I shine a bright flash light at it to see id it moves etc. Are your vents open? Once I thought I had a bad egg in with the good and I was able to stick my nose by the vent hole and sniff for a rotten smell
Thanks for the reply, mnferalkitty.

It's kinda hard to tell, but I think the hole is in the middle of the egg. I can't look at it directly because it's facing towards the bottom of the incubator. The incubator seems to smell okay(hot, stuffy, & humid :) .)

- fluffydown
Help! The good egg in the corner hasn't been peeping for a whole day! It looks as is it's already dry!
quick as lightening open the bator and take it out try to close it fast but at the same time check the water I think your humidity is not right. I iwll pm you my phone #
I've just refilled the bator(the water level was halfway), but I think it might be too late.....
The half-hatched one is the one in the corner, and it's still very silent. I don't know what to do with it. Maybe I'll just have to wait it out, I still have some hope in it.
The other egg (the one with the small hole) seems like it's dead, the volume of blood seems way too much.

I've got about 15 eggs in total, but 13 aren't hatching yet, but I hope those will hatch very soon, today or tomorrow.

Thanks for the help!

- fluffydown
Good news! Today's day 22 and the egg in the corner is moving! I can even hear the shell being pecked(I think!) But it still isn't peeping anymore, is that normal?
Hi everybody,

Today's day 23, and the egg in the corner still hasn't hatched. The egg is cracking a bit, but I'm worried that it won't make it. Is there any reason why this is happening?

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