Hatching In The Brooder/will This Work

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by 1234duck, May 11, 2011.

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    The broodie hen sat and only hatched out 2 chicks she is done sitting now so i candled the eggs and found 4 of the eggs there is a chick inside. there was 16 eggs total. 1 was not fertile. she sat on them on and off and hatch day was a week ago with 1 chick hatching 5/5 Thursday and 1 hatched 5/6 Friday she was done sitting yesterday so thats when i put the eggs in brooder directly under the light its 100 and i put a bowl with hot water and wash rag in too. do you think it will work ? didn't want to just throw the 4 eggs away. didnt put in bator cuz, has 1 ducky just hatched and 1 egg with 2 pips and 1 no pips so didnt want to open bator. Thanks, ~Julie~
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    It might... I have read that people used to hatch in a box on their front porch, with nothing but a light and a blanket at night... [​IMG]
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    if they are close enough they might. i have done this before when i didnt have incubator eggs were from broody to.
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    Thanks for answering~ Does the humidity need to be up at this point? Ugggg...answer my own ? I'm sure it does, my humidity is only 30.
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    The eggs are all dead, I candled them & they were all wiggly/full of liquid.

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