Hatching in Winter?


May 17, 2019
Has anyone had a duck successfully hatch eggs outdoors in the winter? I'm in Louisiana, so the lows are in the upper 30's and the highs are in the lower 50's. I just found a nest of 18 eggs that one of my ducks has obviously been sitting on. I candled the eggs and they appear to be about 14-17 days developed, so I'm figuring they should hatch around Christmas. Would it be safe to leave them outdoors with their mom in these temps? Or should I fight the mom and try to round up all the babies at hatch and bring them indoors to a brooder box?
One of my ducks that I have was hatched in winter from a muscovy, they hatched a couple days before Christmas but I live in florida so it doesn't get cold enough to snow here only goes down to about 40F.

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