Hatching Marans Eggs


8 Years
Apr 27, 2011
NW Missouri
Soon I will be hatching some Black Copper Marans eggs, I hear from people on here and from reading online that they are difficult to hatch and the humidity needs to be less. I am asking here hoping that some of you that have successfully hatched Marans will share your opinions

What is different, can I do anything to make sure I have a successful hatch?
I worried about the SAME thing when I got started with them and heard so many different advice percentages, well honestly, just hatch them at the same percent you do your others successfully. I hatched a lot of eggs unsuccessfully at around 50% and only the next year found out it was the humidity being way too high for me (it varies where you are) so I dropped it to 30% and get great resulsts. For all breeds, not just Marans

It's a trial and error thing, best to do is match the Marans with the rest of your eggs' success.
I should be getting them within the next couple weeks hopefully, just have to get the last of my quail eggs hatched and then drive the hour plus to pick the eggs up lol
I just hatched out 14 baby Black Copper Marans, Blues and one splash. I did a dry incubation and added water at lock down but was still low on humidity since my hygrometer was 10 percentage points low which I did not know until I calibrated it for my next batch. So lock down was more like 45% until they started hatching and then it went up.

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