Hatching muscovy eggs


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Jan 17, 2009
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Okay so I just got my LG 9300 up and running and I would like to hatch some Muscovy eggs. So far I have been having trouble locating the eggs but once I get them I need some advice from people that have done this before. I read through the muscovy hatching manual on here and will refer to it as I go along but I want some insight on what to really expect plus any tips. I will be manually turning them. How hard is it really to hatch these guys? If even one hatches I will be through the roof with excitement.


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Jul 14, 2016
You will never hatch Muscovites nearly as well as they will hatch themselves In fact any duck or goose eggs you put under Muscovites will hatch better than an incubator


Sep 22, 2015
Stafford, VA
I'll second that one! We put 25 eggs in an incubator earlier this year and had ONE, single duck hatch. Going into the last week we had 12 viable eggs. 11 expired in the shell. No idea why. And while we're doing that, the girls outside are hatching ducklings like it's nobodies business!! I did manage to hatch 4 ducklings that a duck started and then she disappeared and we took over. They were awfully close and we finished up in the incubator. Good luck, I sure hope you have a better success rate than we did. But I've got the incubator and I'll keep trying!!

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