hatching my own eggs?


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Having fun. Trying to get the incubator to level temp with a large batch of mail order. Have a few extra spaces and just set in two of my SLWyandotte girl's eggs. She's the only adult wyandotte in the pen, so it'll be interesting to see whatever she crossed with if I can hatch them. I'm guessing I'll get a marans brown or a blue laying chick. Don't have my breeder pairs set up yet so can't get anything solid out of my own eggs, but I'll be so excited if I can hatch one.

Anyone else?
i've got 7 of my own eggs in mine. i was just testing it to get it working correctly since it hasn't been used in probably 12 years or so... and poof, baby chicks! lol!!! i really didn't think they were fertile/too old to hatch/been sitting outside in 20 degree weather for a week.... i'm hoping at least 1 makes it thru until the end!
That's great koa, cuz my two are not optimal either! Cold and semi-old, we'll see.

Good luck Emma, what are you hatching? Let us know how it goes.
My hatch is a mix from 3 different roosters to 2 of my girls. 1 RIR, 1 Welsummer, and 1 I think is an americana roo to 1 RIR and 1 Welsummer hen. I have mutts but its my first try. My Welsummer roo went to a bigger farm where he now has 100 girls to play with.
I have an incubator on the way and have started collecting some eggs that I think may be fertile. How long can one keep eggs and still hatch them? I'm keeping them in the fridge, Is that ok?

I collected mine over a weeks time and placed them on the kitchen counter. I have read in there that some people have taken them out of the fridge and let them get to room temp before putting them in the bator but I don't know what their success was.

But I am sure someone with a whole bunch more experience than I have will chime in.
Wow, 7L, that's a lot of chicks! I'm headed that direction, probably too many to count by next year. I really gotta get a barn up.

Donna, I don't know for sure either, also new, but...

I'd consider keeping them room temp? I've heard of people successfully hatching refrigerated eggs also and of course sometimes they come in from winter temps outdoors. I guess I just figure more hatch in spring temps? Also, I have read people mentioning eggs can hatch when stored up to 20 days or so beforehand. The fresher the better, but supposedly hens can lay quite a few over a coupla weeks before going broody and setting on them.

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