Hatching now **pics**


Squeaky Wheel
11 Years
Feb 11, 2008
Waterloo, Nebraska
Today is day 20. Chickies started hatching last night. Right after dinner a Blue Jersey Giant popped out. When I went to bed I had 1 chick and 5 pips. When I got up there were 2 chicks. The 2nd one is either blue or splash. It's hard to tell right now. Another hatched while I was in the shower. It wasn't even unzipping yet before I got in the shower. The one last night came out fast too. Boy, when okcarla's giants want out of their eggs they don't waste any time. A little Silkie was unzipped but stopping to rest when I had to leave for work. WHY DO I HAVE TO HAVE A JOB!!!! Now I am going to worry all day about temperature spikes and babies needing help out! Sorry the pics are blurry, but I couldn't get a better one through the window. I am also including a picture of the little girls I bought at the feed store on Sunday.



LinckHillP - the water wiggler simulates the temperature inside the egg.

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