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This morning I've been contemplating my options... I have a 1502 cabinet style incubator/hatcher. Due to the fact that my eggs were not available to set at the same time, there are 5 days difference in hatching dates. Not really wanting to spend the money at the moment for a styrofoam 'bator to hatch in, I was wondering about covering the hatching tray lid with foil and placing a pie tin of water under it to raise the humidity, leaving air space through the bottom of the hatching tray around the water tin to hatch the first batch of eggs while hopefully not ruining the second batch. Will this work? Any suggestions? Thanks!
Not sure I would chance the second batch, maybe make a makeshift hatcher out of some things laying around? Or borrow one from a friend? I know staggared hatches can be funky in the same bator, this is why I ended up buying a second bator to hatch in.
Raise the humjdity on day 19 instead of 18.

That will give the first batch 2 days before hatching and the second batch will be past 14 days, which is the important time.

They should be fine .... don't do it again
Hatching creates some foul smells once they have hatched and cooked at 99.5 for a couple of days. It never hurts to have an extra incubator around, just in case. I run one with water in the base, one dry, and another Brower Top Hatcher for hatching in. I observe the air cell and if it looks like where it is supposed to be I leave it in the dry incubator, if it is dehydrating to quickly, I move it to the incubator with water. I love the Brower Top Hatcher because you can see the hatch completely and it is easy to sanitize between hatches.
I purchased all my incubators used for about 35 bucks a piece.
You can probably get away with it in a cabinet model, but I would be just worried about sanitation and smells.

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