Hatching out every day this week omg


10 Years
Sep 12, 2009
Casa Grande
Now I went and did something real stupid. So this is going to be interesting. My white plymouth rocks have been in the breeding pen for almost a month now. I put 1 of their eggs in the bator on Sept 15, 1 on the 16, 1 on the 17, a double yolk on the 18, and 2 on the 20.

hahahahaha should not have done that. Now I am due to hatch out this tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, and sunday.

anyone else ever make the same mistake????
Just one warning:

Not to upset you but a double yolker won't hatch (there could be exceptions, I'm not here to argue). They both compete for the nutrition and neither has the will/ability to sacrifice itself for the other. So you may have a day off because of that one. Other than that, good luck on the hatch!
Well, actually I didnt personally do that, but its my bator so Im stuck with them hatching out like that. DH thought it would be cool. Oh yeah real cool DH.
Chuckle. I'm like that and I'm not a guy - the "oh look at this egg" problem.

Candle the double yolker - if they are still viable they will REQUIRE assistance to hatch, they cannot hatch by themselves - there's not enough room to turn.
yes the double yolk is still viable. babies were moving real strong. now the egg is too full of babies to see anything. wooo hooo. i have another thread just for this egg.

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