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Jan 1, 2014
Lake Stevens, WA
I want to hatch a few coturnix quail.

I have planed on getting/making/buying


Please tell me what else I need temp of incubator humidity of incubator...

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I think you might benefit in reading an article in our learning center here on BYC. It is bent toward hatching chickens, but the process is basically the same. There is a chart there for the incubation time and temp for Coturnix eggs. Read this over and it is all basically the same, except Coturnix chicks will hatch between 17 to 19 days....


If you have a forced air incubator, your temp should be 99.5 degrees F

If you have a still air incubator, your temp should be between 100 and 101 degrees F

Humidity about 50% to 55% during incubation, 65% to 70% at lock down. Lock down is when you stop turning the eggs 3 days before hatch.

You will need a brooder. Either a large cardboard box or a big plastic tote will work. A red or infra red heat lamp. A chick waterer and a feeder. Gamebird food starter feed. Bedding of either pine shavings or grass hay will work.

We can help you along as you go and when you get to the point of setting up your brooder and putting the chicks in, we can help you further.

If you have any further questions, just let us know.
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Thanks two crowds but I still need help
I got my incubator



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