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    Mar 16, 2018
    After a long tiresome battle with humidity and incubation, were finally at hatch day and I HAVE SEEN AIR CELL GROWTH!! FINALLY!!:woot

    They are pulled back :celebrate(prob around an inch further than where they stayed put for the first 3 weeks) and now that I have seen a change, I feel assured that my baby chicks are ok. :love

    Since they are in lock-down, I did not candle them all, and I am just hoping that all 7 have made the same progress as I have seen in the one. :fl

    However, now that I can SEE where the babies are supposed to pip, can I correct the position of the eggs now to help ensure they pip in the right place?:hugs

    These were shipped eggs & we were at high humidity the whole incubation period. :( The air cells are probably definitely not in the right place on the egg. :hit

    Here's to good vibes for us to have our "coming out" party for the chicks over the next couple of days!! :thumbsup :jumpy :jumpy :jumpy :jumpy :jumpy :jumpy :jumpy

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