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7 Years
Dec 18, 2012
I have a hen with chicks just hatched but she’s also siting on eggs that are two or three weeks off hatching, I wont to get rid of them so the hen can look after her chicks, but my mum thinks we should keep them under her. What should I do? I have no other broody hens and no incubator.
I'd pitch them. She needs to take care of the chicks she has. What if she stick to the nest, her chicks die from neglect and then she decides to abandon the eggs? Then you'll have nothing. Besides, sitting is really hard on them. If she doesn't get up for those hatchlings, she needs to get up for herself. I'm sure if you lift her up you'll notice she's not as heavy as she should be. Anyway, in the end that is ultimately up to you and your mother. But, perhaps she should have a look thru the broody hen thread before she decides to have her keep going. If you must, brood her babies and have her keep going...if she will. Good luck :)
yes- they probably won't hatch if she is just doing half a job. usually, I take chicks to a brooder while hen sits out the last eggs, but you can do that, but you have to decide.
she left them on her choice, but if I'd read this sooner I might have taken the chicks from her and care for them my self.

thanks for the advice.

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