Hatching pullet eggs vs large eggs: What is your experience?


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Mar 3, 2007
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I bought my egg from ebay, and about half of them were pullet eggs. The others were still kind of smallish, but definitely larger.

The smaller eggs have hatched already, and the larger eggs are still sitting there. Does a larger egg just take a little bit longer?
Yes, I find pullet eggs hatch faster than mature hen eggs. I think it's partially due to the size of the egg and the pullet egg chicks run out of room faster. My jumbo EE eggs sometimes take 23 days to hatch when my other eggs hatch on the 21 day mark. The EE eggs are humongous tho and I have learned to be patient with them and they will come when they're ready. I don't think 21 days is truly set in stone hatch day. There are many factors that can change that day. Good luck.

I had eggs hatch yesterday on day 19 and a 1/2. The 21st day was tonight at 7:30 p.m. They were both born with yolk sac still attached, it fell off almost immedietly and they are fine this morning. The FLEW out of those shells, soaking wet. I posted photos on another post, but was shocked to see them that soon! 21 days is not set in stone for sure.
I'm confused; I've read that it's not adviseable to set pullet eggs. Is that an old wive's tale, or if there any truth to it?
Many of us set pullet eggs. Others feel that the chicks aren't as vigorous, but I have never had a problem with that. Also, some are concerned that because the chicks hatch out smaller they will not reach their full size potential as adults - never had a problem with that, either.

You all confirmed what I was thinking.

I've got sassy little chicks running around in the brooder, and nice, larger eggs just sitting in the incubator. It doesn't SEEM like there should be such a difference in hatch time, but your responses give me a lot more hope for the eggs still in the bator.

Thank you!
Wynette, I never set a pullet's first eggs. I feel they are generally too small and will not do well in hatching. It is best to give them time to mature a little and the egg to grow a bit. I like to wait until they are laying about a month before trying to hatch some. Others set the very first eggs and they do fine.

Jody is correct!
She gave me her BO pullet eggs and they all hatched great! They were also healthier then most of the others that were hatching, so I belive in setting the pullets. Mine are a couple of weeks old and they are just beautiful.

I have had some bigger EE's and they hatched on the 22nd to 23rd day. Big babies but just as fine.
So yea, time differences.
Well, the first 6 babies are a testimony to the viability of pullet eggs, that is for sure!!! I am sitting here looking at the 5 largest eggs that came through the mail, and not a pip. I haven't given up all hope yet, but the pullet team is definitely ahead in the game!

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