hatching quail eggs under pigeons and raising them by hand (for beginners)


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Hello Everyone

I'm quite new here and this is my first post, although i have been reading a lot of articles here.
I am a student staying in QATAR(in the middle-east) and i have recently finished my standard 12th final exam (end of school life).
I love animals a lot and would love to have a big farm back in Bangladesh full of animals.
I had bought 4 little chicken chicks when i was in class 9 , two died early (may be due to coccidiosis) and 2 grew to 6 months and laid 22 eggs in total. i had raised them quite by myself. but i had to slaughter them as they made the whole room so dusty (we live in a small flat beside the road and no proper space for keeping pets). oh i felt terrible to lose them.

I am now keeping Iranian tumbler pigeons for 2 years in my small balcony . they dont go away anywhere . now the food i give them also attracts lot of ferals (i have no problem with that)

Now i want to start keeping coturnix quails along with my pigeons. i brought a single quail egg from the Pets Souq (market) and kept it under one of my pigeons . It did hatch . it didnt hatch even on the 19th day, so i gave up and kept it away . but the next day i was surprised that it had hatched and it looked really good. i didnt have any heat at the moment so i kept it back under my pigeon, i looked after it for sometime and gave it a rest , thinking it will be fine. but wen i checked it back after an hour , it was all dead. may be it was killed by the male or just got trampled. there wasnt any blood or wounds.

now i want to hatch some more eggs the same way but wont put the chicks under them again (i dont have an incubator and my parents wont allow to have one) . i bought some ordinary food mix (it is quite blended) which the pet store-keepers said would work and also some small chicken/pigeon pellets. i cant afford to buy anything expensive and there is little or no other option here (qatar isnt exactly the right country to keep many pets and there aren't any good pet feed stores anywhere near or anywhere). also there aren't any or much good and proper places to buy quails or fertile eggs. only some stores in that market with pretty unexperienced or with-no-pet-knowledge shop keepers.

so can anyone give me some proper advice on how to keep quails with all the problems and shortcoming that i have and without having to spend a lot of money or buy too many things. also if anyone is living here in Doha,Qatar please come in contact.

sorry for writing just sooo many things , but jus the quail part is main.
First of all, I want to say Congratulations on the hatch of a quail egg by a pigeon. Just the fact that you were able to take a "random" egg that you purchased at market and it had a live embryo that hatched just amazes me.

Also, I would suggest that you do your best to keep your pigeons away from the other birds. The last thing you would want is to have a disease passed from those birds to your pigeons.

I am sorry that I could not assist you more. I do wish you the best of luck.
But for the pigeons, i have kept them that way for 2 years , i feel they will develop more resistance that way and have a strong immune system(i guess)
by the way, i dont have any way to stop them and i have too few cages to stuff my birds in and i dont want to do that either

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