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10 Years
Jun 22, 2013
My quails have started to hatch in my brinsea 20 incubator. I have around 45 jumbo jap quail eggs in their. 15 have hatched since morning. Should it be ok to open the incubator to remove empty shells. Its getting cramped in their.
Wait until the majority of your chicks have hatched. Once things slow down and the hatching slows, Open up quick, get chicks out and egg shells and close back up.
Really they would be fine just being left alone. I know the feeling, I hatched thousands of quail from my older octagon 20, 60 at a time. The chicks do seem crowded, but they will be fine.

You can open the lid if there are NO eggs pipping. (poked a hole thru the shell). You can leave them in the bator for up to 24 hours with no problems. By 30 hours, however, I would get them out. Dip all beaks in the water when putting them in the brooder.
Twocrows is absolutely correct. Once that humidity drops any pipped chicks cand get stuck in the egg. They don't have a lot of room as it is. if the shell dries out they get stuck and can't turn their heads to peck around the shell. Try to resist the urge to help your chicks out of the shell as well. There are still blood vessels attaching the chick to the shell and if you help them out you can tear the blood vessels. Let Mother Nature do her thing. You've already waiting 2 weeks to see your little babies what's a few more hours?

Thanks for the advice everyone... I will just have to be patient and wait...
Brinsea Octagon is the best....
26 out of 45 have hatched so far and still loads pipping.

I have made a brooder for them outside in the garden and I have fitted a glow worm red light bulb in there. would I need some ventilation holes in the brooder. or would that drop brooder temperature. Its quite wet here in UK.

I will post some pics of brooder here later on.....
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You are definitely going to need ventilation or your chicks will suffocate. Make sure the chicks can get away from the heat if they need to. The temp should be about 90 degrees under the lamp, but let your chicks tell you if they need more or less heat. If the chicks are huddled up underneath the lamp in a pile, then your chicks are cold. If your chicks are laying on their sides being very lethargic then they are too hot. You should really see the chicks laying in a circle around the edge of the light or heat source. Chicks should be up running around pecking things. If they aren't then you need to adjust the light. Drafts will cause your birds to chill very easily. Every so often I find a few chicks in the morning that are on deaths door step. Far away from the light. I set them under the light and recharge them. More often than not they are fine in about 10 minutes. I think what happens is that they run around and use all their energy and then don't make it back to the light in time to warm back up.


total 29 hatched out of 45 eggs. very happy indeed. they are all doing really well in the brooder. thanks for everyones help.

Next question: how long do i feed them chick feed... what comes after chick feed?
Feed them atleast 24% chick feed for their whole life. Or Purina Gamebird Startina which is 30% protein. Dumor 24% Gamebird starter will work, it's what I feed my birds for their entire life.

What percent of protein is the layer mash? I'm guessing only about 16% or so. That is way too low a protein for game birds. I'm telling ya that they need atleast 24% protein food or they will fail to thrive. Probably not die, but certainly not be healthy. I'm sure you have noticed by now that the little chicks run around and are very hyper. That's why they need that extra protein because they are so active.


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