hatching question?????


12 Years
Apr 27, 2007
Webster, FL
ok out of 16 eggs, I only have 2 that hatched, 7 more that pipped but then died, I have no idea what went wrong, any ideas before I try again??? Humidity was above 60 the whole time and then the last 3 days I brought it up to 75%, to much not enough??? temps fine, I don't have any problems when I hatch out chickens... The first quail hatch I only got a 33% hatch rate and this one was worse. HELP!!!
they where my eggs, I have never had so many pip and then die. I will try again after turkeys hatch. Just not sure what is going on, just hoping someone had a few ideas for me to try?

I run my incubator dry for the first 15 days and the humity level is often lower than 40%, But the eggs has to lose moisture so it can grow.

On the 15th day, I add water and keep a close eye on humitity so it goes no further than 65%, keeping the vents and incubator closed thoughout the next three days.

I have 90%+ hatches every time. This method works for me.


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