hatching question


10 Years
Oct 2, 2009
you know when the ducks are ready to hatch....

i will already have the brooder set up way before the ducks are ready to hatch but some of the online guides are confusing me, so il ask you guys as you know best...

do you leave the ducks to actually hatch in the incubater? i know they cant stay there when they have hatched but it takes a while for them to hatch so do i just leave them in the incubater (with the auto-turn off obviously)
My understanding is that you are supposed to leave the ducks in the incubator til they are dry. They are fine up to 24 hours because they just finished absorbing the yolk from the egg. I have not hatched any myself but that is what i have gotten from reading this and other things out there. You especially dont want to be taking the little buggers out of the incubator if other eggs are still hatching. It will decrease the humidity and cause problems for the other eggs. That is my understanding at least...

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