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10 Years
May 26, 2009
NE Ohio
Ok, so I bought some silver penciled rock bantam eggs from someone on BYC, they should be here anytime now. This will be my first time hatching. My hubby and I are going on vacation on March 19 for 9 days. My question is...should I put them in the bator asap and just have my 19 year old son keep an eye on it while I'm gone or can I wait til the 29th when we get back to set them...?
You need to set them within 24 hours of receiving them for a better hatch rate. Most folks say let them sit for 12 hours once you get them to let them 'settle'. Do you trust your son to keep temp and humidity stable?!

... as long as you are back in time for 'lockdown' and your son does a good job of monitoring, you should be OK. Me, I couldn't do it. BUT... vacations with one's spouse are important.
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Just got off the phone with a friend who has a huge incubator and he has room for mine...whew! I really didn't want to have my son deal with that as well as all the chickens.

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