Hatching Questions... What's normal?


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So today is day 21. At about 2 in the morning the first chick pipped, and now six have pipped (13 hours later). However, most haven't really gotten any farther, and none have hatched yet. The biggest hole is about the size of a nickel. Is this normal? When should I start worrying?? Anyone have some anecdotes that can help me calm my worrying mind?? Anything helps, and thanks in advance!
Thanks a ton... It's been a long time since I hatched, and I keep getting worried... They're still peeping though! And moving around! I hate waiting though....
I agree with all the advice given so far. When my eggs pip, that's it for at least 8 hours, sometimes more than 12. I don't see any more movement for ages. Then when they start zipping, they do it pretty quickly. Don't panic if you don't see movement or hear peeping, they need a good few hours to rest and absorb their yolks and work up the energy to start the next stage of hatching.
What everybody has said. Hatching takes a lot of energy and there's not a lot of room inside those eggs to move around, anyway. Pip, rest rest rest rest rest, cheep, rest, peck peck peck, cheep, rest some more.
Thanks for all the advice, guys... It's now been 18 hours since first pip, one or two more have pipped, but still no progress.... when should I start worrying?
So I was afraid the humidity was too low from opening the incubator a few times (I now know you're not supposed to, but I didn't before....), so I took a spray bottle and spritzed the eggs VERY lightly, and sprayed a little warm water through the vent, to help raise the humidity. In five minutes, the first baby hatched out! I don't know if it was coincidence, but I sure am happy... 20 hours after the first pip, though! Cutting it close.

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