Hatching Shipped Eggs

N Sully

Sep 4, 2017
South Dakota
i just put my eggs into the incubator last night. I was planning on following the directions I found on this link.


Now I am second guessing myself. Do the directions sound right?

I also had my original incubator quit a couple of days before my eggs arrived. I had to run into town to quick buy one. It’s way different than my original and I wonder if keeping the eggs upright in an egg carton so they are closer to the top will cause them to be too warm (this incubator has a Turner and the eggs are suppose to lay flat).

Thank you :)
That article sounds pretty good... BUT, I sure wouldn't do zero turning for 7 days. Turning helps the egg develop better and more veins.

However, shipped eggs DO do better when kept upright and when rotated very gently and just tilted back and forth. 45 degrees one way, then the other.

Can you take out the turner, and take a temperature reading at the top of the eggs? You might need to reduce the heat if the eggs are way higher than they should be.

And yes, I have hatched lots of shipped eggs.
I am picking up a thermometer tomorrow so I can and will do that. I did take out the turning tray. Thank you for your help. 7 days does seem like a long time. I didn’t think the air cells looked too bad. My inexperienced candling I thought most air cells were still attached. I saw One that was slight saddle shape. Thank you for helping. Very appreciated!
wow! Nice gentle shipping!

If the air cells stay put when you put the eggs on their side, you COULD incubate them on their side. I would be a bit worried to do an auto turner... xtra vibration after all of that shipping... but it might be OK.

Really the main reasons to incubate upright are
1. to force the air cell to stay where it is supposed to

2. to keep vibration and jostling down to a minimum since they have already been jiggled so much.
Thank you @Alaskan I had left a msg with the manufacturer and he called and said he would not recommend using the egg carton set up. I took it out and put a piece of cotton to slightly hold the blunt end higher. Hopefully I did no damage. Wait and see now and I can just hand turn when that time comes.

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