Hatching still in egg trays or is it necessary to be on their side?

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    May 18, 2011
    I have been hatching chickens for about a year and a half now. Have learned a lot from this site! Thanks! Im up to 95% to 100% every hatch now. And I always hatch the chicks still in the egg trays. I am using a little giant with circulated air and the hatch just fine whil still in the egg trays, for that matter they hatch just fine while they trays are still turning, i have had no problems doing it this way. I have recently got into turkeys and have been learning about the differences between incubatin/hatching turkey and chicken eggs. THe question that i have is, would it be recomendable to try and hatch the poults still in the egg trays or is is absolutely necessary to lay them on their side being as they are a bit more delicate and lees resisent than the chickens? I have them now on lockdown day 25 humidity up to 75% because i have read that their membrane is much tougher than a chicks. Just wondering about the whole needing to be on their side thing to position themselves? WHo has the scoop there? THere are still in the egg tray but i have unplugged the rotater motor. Just went into to lockdown, should i take the turner out and lay them on their sides?
    Help, i want a good hatch, have 15 ready to pip, just candled them all, they are all alive and kickin but no pippers yet.

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    Well, I think there's a worry that the chick will somehow get caught up in the egg try, maybe damaging a leg........I always take out the tray and lay the eggs on their sides. But you've had success withe the trays in......I'd say it's up to you.
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    I normally hatch mine in egg cartons with the bottom cut out so their hatch mates can't play soccer. However i have had a couple hatch while the egg turner was on and they did fine. (wasnt sure of the hatch date for the hidden broodies eggs) my worry was the chicks getting caught. They didn't that time but...
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    I've only done turkey's once so I don't consider myself experienced enough to be able to answer about them specifically. For chicken eggs, people are successful both ways. I don't think it really matters as far as hatching. I don't think it matters with turkey eggs either, but like I said, I have not hatched turkey's enough to know that.

    If you leave the turner in but turned off there is a chance the chick could get a leg caught. It obviously does not happen each time, but it is possible. The other thing I'd consider is that it can get pretty messy during hatch. My turner is mostly plastic, but I'd be concerned some about maybe cleaning the motor part. Cleanup is probably easier if the turner is not in there.

    If you use the egg carton method, I'd suggest trimming the pockets to allow air circulation. Those developing and hatching chicks need to be able to breathe.

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    Anyone try the little tiny rings that they use to hold easter eggs? It would be a small piece of cardboard at the bottom. I would expect if a large push or something happened it would tip over.

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