hatching tj's eggs for science fair?

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    For my science fair project this year, me and two others are going to be hatching 36 trader joe's fertile eggs. I have no idea how to properly incubate eggs. I want to do dry incubation as I've heard there are better hatch rates. Does somebody have a link to a step-by-step incubation process with dry incubation? (note: I do not know what incubator(s) we will be using. we are considering making a styrofoam incubator and purchasing egg turners)
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    All the information you could ever need is here - including dry incubation.


    Dry success depends on one's ambient humidity.
    It varies here so I test by weighing my eggs at the start and about every week to see if they are losing the correct amount of liquid. If they are losing too much weight, I add water. If not enough, I let it dry out.
    They should lose about 0.65% weight each day. I use a small pocket gram scale.

    You may also want to check out this TJ hatching thread.

    I caution you to check the packing date on the egg carton. There will be a Julian date stamped on it. Perhaps ask the dairy manager what days they get their shipments. Using the freshest eggs will give the best success.
    I tried it with WF fertile eggs (our TJs doesn't carry them). They come from a Wisconsin farm, then shipped to Chicago distribution center then on to St. Louis. They're always 2 weeks or more before they get to the store.
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    Sep 11, 2015

    Yes, our variable will be the Julian date. What ambient humidity is recommended for dry incubation?

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