Hatching winter eggs question

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    I just rehomed my two roosters due to one attacking me. I wanted to hatch some eggs while they are still fertile. Someone told me they would be ok to hatch as long as they didn't get below 50 some odd degrees. I've been collecting them about 3 times a day so they don't get to cold but they have been cold when I collect them.. do you think they will be ok to hatch still? I was thinking about buying eggs when I first looked into raising chickens and saw that the hatch rate was about 80% of eggs would hatch. are the odds better when you collect your own eggs? Thanks for any help.
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    They should be fine to try and hatch. Besides, what do you have to lose? :)

    In regards to the hatch rate of local eggs versus eggs that have "travelled," generally the sooner you can get them into an incubator or under a broody hen, without much agitation, the better. So local is better. (Generally, taking 10 - 14 days is OK to gather eggs prior to incubation)

    However, there are so many variables that go into hatch rate that the above is a vast generalization. It certainly is no guarantee that a local egg will always hatch, that's for sure (and we've proven that!)

    Besides, 80% is an admirable hatch rate. If I got that, I'd be very, very happy :)
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    my George has a funny story- I got some chickens from a lady for free- his mom was a splash maran - dad? I am guessing EE because of his leg color and markings. I was very excited to have Splash chicken so when she laid an egg I set it aside and waited for more- in the transfering her to my house, and her having to adjust to other chickens I didn't get anymore eggs right away.Since I didn't have a working roo, I went down the road to another lady's house that had chickens. she gave me some eggs from her fridge. I hatched them out and my splash and got George. I always toss in more eggs than I want so they have friends.

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