Hatching with a hen on a nest

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    I have a hen on 10 eggs. She started going broody on March 22nd so I thought I would put her to work.

    I have a special spot to put my nest away from the general population. It's almost like a porch to the coop. I keep my bedding and feed in there.

    One day I was feeding and I left the door open between the two rooms. I didn't notice that Mumma had left the nest and entered the coop.

    When I was finished feeding, I closed the door and left for the day. It was at least 8 hours before I noticed she wasn't on the nest.

    She had been on the eggs for around 12 day's. The temperature in the nest was around 4 Celsius that day. ( we got snow and it was unusually cold).

    The eggs should be set to hatch next Tuesday, April 12th.

    Do you think they would have survived after being left alone for that long?

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  2. Swamp Slinger

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    Feb 25, 2014
    Nothing from anybody

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  3. Considering the elapsed time, and the weather I think it is a lost cause but with only 4 or 5 days remaining to hatch time go ahead and let the hen get over being broody by letting her sit. You may not get any live biddies but you may learn something.
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    Dec 28, 2014
    Try candeling them to see if there is any movement inthere, maybe then embryos survived.
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    IME, hens that are new to sitting can sometimes get it wrong. I usually let my hen be broody for a while before setting eggs. My rule of thumb for her is 2 nights in the nest - then its game on. With a new broody, it may be worth waiting a little longer and even then, theres no guarantee that she'll do it right.

    All the best

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