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Aug 16, 2008
Brooksville, Fl
I had surgery last month and had instructions no lifting, no bending, no reaching above my shoulders for 12-16 weeks.
My DH and DS were taking care of the chooks and thought "oh we'll let those 2 broody hens set and hatcha few eggs"
They were in an area that was for storage and not birds so when they saw where they had to get eggs-they left them. Both broodies! Well as expected, eggs began to hatch and mama's got upset and eggs were ignored! I had them bring the eggs that were still warm back to the house and we put momma with babies in a crate.
Of the remaining eggs it seemed that they were dead a couple days-no hatching. So in the meantime, a couple of babies died and the last pipped egg came out-yay. We had a box for mama and babies and then fixed a nicer place so I had the box on the porch. I wanted my DH to take care of the remains and take the box. I had the rest of the eggs sitting on the crate and forgot to throw them in the box .
This afternoon I look out back and see a baby in the crate! It just caught the corner of my eye. I look at the other eggs and another has pipped! Of course they are back under a lamp and I'll do my best to save them all.
The chick that fell to the floor of the crate is "split" and guts are hanging out! it is between the vent and chest. I have it moistened in a paper towel and will try to tape it when my hubby gets home.
Do you think I need to put antibx ointment on it before we push it all back in?
Sorry its so long
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Aug 9, 2009
Country of Power Failure
guts? what is that? sorry can't catch it well.

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